Beanbags Rental

Rent beanbags for your meetings, family day, birthday parties, social gathering, competitions, conferences, weddings, display booth.

Our rental is charged based on per beanbag, per day basis. The bigger the number, the cheaper it goes. If you are unsure about the quantity of beanbags to rent, please seek our advice. It is best if you can roughly estimate the size of the space area where the beanbags will be located.

FAQ on beanbags rental:

What is the minimum and maximum number of beanbags that can be rented? Minimum advisable number is 10 beanbags . Maximum number is 100 beanbags.

Is it possible to rent less than 10 beanbags? Yes, but the you need to bring your own transport. 3 cars, or 2 MPVs needed to bring them all.

Can the beanbags being delivered earlier to your place? Yes, we can send it a day earlier to let you do the setup, we only charge on the day of usage. But if you need it earlier more than one day before your event, we will charge another 25% from the rental cost for each day earlier.

For example :  Rental cost is RM1000, beanbags need to be delivered 3 days before the event – you will be charged extra RM500 for 2 days earlier (note that another 1 day before event is free).

What is the payment terms for beanbags rental? 50% as booking deposit and 50% immediately when the beanbags reach your place.

Is it possible to pick up the beanbags using your own transport? Yes, you can, BUT we will need to take additional CASH as security deposit which will be returned once the beanbags reach back to our place. The following amount will need to be paid on top of your rental charges :

  • Double the amount of your rental charges OR a minimum amount of RM2000 if your rental charges is less than RM1000. 

Do we offer sponsorship of beanbags for events? No. We only offer beanbags rental.



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