Beanbags Rental

Wanna make something different with your event? Just get some beanbags!!! We have been supplying beanbags for hire or rental for various type of events, such as…

  • meetings
  • gatherings
  • family days
  • birthday parties
  • competitions
  • conferences
  • symposiums
  • weddings
  • display booths

Up to 150 beanbags can be rented at one time (we can supply more if time permitted for us to produce them, but we have limitation of space to store them all :))

Our rental is charged based on per beanbag, per day basis. The bigger the number, the cheaper it goes. If you are unsure about the quantity of beanbags to rent, please seek our advice. However, it is best if you can roughly estimate the size of the space area where the beanbags will be located.

Here are the T & C that you might want to know when hiring our bean bags :

  • Rental is charged based on daily basis i.e. if you use the beanbags at 8.00am today, 12.00am will make it count as ONE day.
  • Minimum that we charged is based on 1 day rental i.e. if you are only planning to use it for 6 hours or less, you will still be charged for ONE day.
  • If your event is for two days or more and only for few hours on either or both the first and second day, we will still regard it as being used for TWO days.
  • Beanbags that need to be collected immediately after event that ended after 11.00pm will be subject to additional transportation charges for us to compensate the transporter for late pickup at night (or early morning).
  • Beanbags that we think will be used in high possibility that it will get dirty i.e. party events, placed outside in non-secure condition will also subject to additional charges because we need to clean each of them after the event (and some of them can’t be cleaned, though).
  • Large number of beanbags will need bigger lorries to carry them. We recommend you to get an even number of beanbags that is 40 pcs, 60 pcs, 80 pcs, 100 pcs or 150 pcs to get the most of the transportation charges (pls bear in mind that we are based in Seremban 2). Nevertheless, we might give discounts or waive the transportation cost if number being rented and number of days and location is RIGHT in our opinion.
  • The earliest beanbags will be delivered is ONE day before the event. Any additional days will be subjected to extra charges.
  • We allow self pickup but hirer will need to pay full price quoted on top of the rental price OR at least a minimum of RM2,000 in cash or cheque written on our name, which shall be returned upon safe returned of the beanbags at our place. Any delay of returning the beanbags will subject to additional charges.
  • Lost OR damaged to beanbags do happened . In such case, the hirer will be charged the market value of the beanbags on top of the rental charges.
  • The plastic cover for the beanbags need to be kept in a secure place by the renter as it will be used during collection then.
  • We DO NOT OFFER SPONSORSHIP, we only have beanbags for hire or rental.
  • 50% upfront payment OR full payment MUST BE MADE before the beanbags leave our place to your destination. For CORPORATE bodies only that have some restrictions in issuing deposit before service being received, we shall accept Purchase Order or Agreement To Pay from your company. All documentations must be supplied / emailed before the beanbags leave our place.