Enjoy maximum comfort of our Faux Leather beanbag. These bean bags practically invite you to flop down into them or you can also pop them on their side to form a hammock style beanbag seat, making them a versatile piece for many a setting. A popular choice for the kids to spud out on for gaming or even reading… AND the one being used in cinemas (they combined 2 beanbags on a custom frame).

PILO is available in Faux Leather. You will get the similar type of beanbag that we supplied to TGV Cinemas Beanieplex (i.e. TGV Tebrau, Bukit Indah, Klebang Ipoh, Taiping, Miri)


MEASUREMENT : 170cm x 115cm

Weight : approx. 5.5kg

FAUX LEATHER (available colors)

NYLON POLYESTER (available colors)

All prices shown are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

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