Livin’ up your space with bean bags

Ever thinking of putting some beanbags in your office? How does it look? Is it appropriate for the office setting? Here are some of the photos of beanbags being used for office setup. (These photos are taken from the internet)

In Malaysia, a similar trend has started to evolve. Our experienced in this industry shows that some ‘big’ companies has started to accept this idea. For example, there is a meeting room in Primeworks (Media Prima @ TV3) that filled with beanbags which we supplied. There are also other companies which now has beanbag in

Besides offices, library is another place where beanbags should ‘come in’. There are several libraries of universities and international schools which has already furnished with Lullabean. International School Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) and Kolej Teknologi Mantin for example.

Apart from that, Lullabean has also provide beanbags for hotels, including Lexis and Grand Lexis and also Thistle in Port Dickson and the Danna in Langkawi.

Here are sample pictures on what your library or hotels will look like when furnished with beanbags.

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