Who Are We

Lullabean is the number 1 brand name in Malaysia when it comes to beanbags customization, supply and rental. We have been the on the top list for international and local companies when it comes to beanbags. We are proud to produce our beanbags locally and received overwhelming feedback by the locals or expatriates living in Malaysia.

Learn The Basic

These are the foundation of our products. If you are short of idea in looking for the right type of beanbags, these are the basic things that you have to know about our creations.


JUJU the teardrop

SAKO the highback

PILO the flexi

BABY the cutie

LOVA the rester

BELA the bottler


S, M, L, XL or XXL for JUJU

One standard single size for SAKO, BELA and BABY

Large (XL) or Huge (XXL) for PILO

Steady (L) or Lazy (XL) for LOVA

Stool (M) or Sit (L) for Otto and Qiub


POLYESTER – novice

MICROSUEDE – economical

MICROFIBER – regular

ARDO – preferred


JEANY – firm

SUNPROOF – steady

Note of advice

Not all fabrics are suitable for every type of beanbags. Lullabean has experimented and offer the beanbags best suited for the type of fabrics they can be made of.